Ask Dr. Stamper

Dr. Patrica Stamper, OD and her friendly staff are always available to give you the most comprehensive answers to your eye health questions. 

Questions to ask during your eye examination.

  • Do I have any vision loss?
  • Is there a reason for my vision loss?
  • What is my visual acuity?
  • Do I have a peripheral vision loss?
  • Will I lose more of my vision?
  • Are there any new symptoms that I should I look for?
  • Are there any treatments for my situation?
  • Do I need to undergo any tests?
  • What will the test results show?
  • Will I receive the results of my tests?

Drop in and ask us in person, contact us by phone or send us your question online.

*Disclaimer: The information that we provide on this website is meant for educational purposes and is not a replacement for personal eye care by a qualified vision specialist. All of the content on this website should be discussed with your doctor to determine if it is relevant to your situation.

Ask Dr. Stamper

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